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The Mistress B-ManyVids-Executrix,Taboo,Mind Fuck,Female Domination,Office Domination,SFW

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~A custom clip request in which no names are used.~

His request:

Thank you! My custom request is pretty dark... I know you have done dark before but I hope it's ok… The scene takes place in a therapist’s office so professional/sexy attire would be ideal - glasses, hair up, pencil skirt, stockings, tight low cut but sued-o-professional top. I don’t expect you to follow the story verbatim. I love your style so would hate to be to prescriptive!

My wife and I have been coming to you for hypnotherapy for months now and you have used our time together to reprogram you into unthinking, unquestioning, obedience.

During our last session with you, you reveal what is to become of us.

“That obedience is calling you. You remember now? How I am your master?

Stand at attention when I’m speaking to you! Now get down on your knees. Good boy. It may be dawning on you that you are my toy. My obedient slave. Helpless but to obey my every command. There is nothing you won’t do for me. You belong to me. Say Yes Mistress. Good boy.”

You know, most of my patients are my unwitting slaves in some form or another, but you and your wife are special. Oh yes, make no mistake she is also my slave, although she doesn’t know that consciously. I have been building her obsession for me. She fingers herself every day fantasizing about serving me. She is going to be my worshipful plaything, my slutty office toy during the day and my obedient slave in the evenings.

This will go on until I am bored of her and then I’ll have her discover a deep seated need to do porn of course. She wont even remember your name this time next week.”

“Now it’s time to reveal what I’m going to do with you.

I considered several different options. I could make you gay and obsessed with cock. Or delete your personality entirely and made you my drone. I could even have had your wife eliminate you for me. She would have done that, you know, for me.

But I decided I think it's cleaner if I just have you dispose of yourself for me, don’t you?

I'm so glad you agree. And look at that, you’re even getting turned on.

Well, I guess I could let you have one last orgasm before I make you end yourself.”

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