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You and your daughter live together, she has a tendency to be over protective of you and even a little bit jealous sometimes. You pull me aside to tell me that you're going to have your new girlfriend over later tonight. I'm not happy about it. I bitch and complain about how I hate when you bring new women to the house. I tell you that I can't promise that I will be nice to her but I'll try. Later that night, I come out of my room to meet your new girlfriend. You introduce us and I start to be condescending and rude to her. It gets worse and worse as I begin to make fun of how she looks and belittle her. I tell her she is way too old for you. You try to get me to stop but you know how I am when I get upset. I end up making your girlfriend cry and she storms out. I try to gaslight and manipulate you to get out of being in trouble for being so horrible to her. I tell you that you can't date an old, boring, frumpy woman like her. You end up sending me to my room and I relish in the fact that I ruined your date night. That evening, I come into your room in an oversized comfy hoodie and a totally different demeanor. I tell you that I wanted to apologize for ruining your night. I'm suspiciously sweet and innocent seeming. We have a long conversation where I tell you that you are way out of that woman's league and you need to start dating women that are actually a good match for you. Then I start asking why you even need to date anyone at all when you could just spend time with me instead!! I am your favorite girl after all, right? Over the course of our conversation my hoodie seems to slowly come unzipped more and more. You try to tell me to cover up but I dismiss you and say that I'm just comfortable and there shouldn't be issue with that. Eventually I end up taking my hoodie off entirely and demand that I should be allowed to get comfortable at home. You don't know what to do, you know I can be a little psycho but this is just too much. You grab a pillow to cover up the boner you now have. You're not going to get away with that though. I tear the pillow away from your lap and playfully berate you for having a hard on for your own daughter!! I convince you that I can just give you a simple and non sexual massage.. on your cock. You try to resist but I'm really good at manipulating you. As I'm giving you a handjob I tell you I have an idea, before you know it your cock is in my mouth. It looks perfect. You want to stop but you can't seem to actually do anything about it. It's just too hot. After sucking your cock, I turn around and show you how my panties are soaking wet. I blame you for making me so turned on. I tease you with my ass and take my panties off. I rub your cock all over my wet pussy until you literally can't take it anymore. I slide you inside of me slowly and ride you reverse cowgirl. I talk dirty to you while I bounce my ass on you. I ride you in a few different ways until I cum. I tell you to hang on because I have an idea. I start sucking your cock again and beg for you to cum in my mouth. You can't help it. You cum SO MUCH in your daughters pretty mouth. After some cum play I tell you that you have to make me a promise. You won't date anymore women, EVER. And if you break your promise then... I'll tell everyone about what happened and how bad of a Daddy you are.

**this vid has a very long and realistic build up of ~15 minutes, and POV sex throughout the rest of the vid**

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